The SimpleGate is a very easy to use, efficient and good sounding digital noise gate. Use it on a drum loop, or on a vocal track or ...

The envelope generation models analog equipment curves and is tuned to follow the signal energy. The specifications:

  • VST 2.3 plugin for any Win32 platform
  • low CPU usage
  • double precision internal processing (52 bit accuracy)
  • analog modelled envelope generation
  • easy usage
  • comes with a number of presets as starting points
  • option to decouple stereo channels
  • threshold: -96dB - 0dB
  • attack time: 1ms - 1000ms
  • hold time: 0ms - 1000ms
  • release time 0.05ms - 200ms

Please test the plugin thoroughly before buying it. Limitations of the demo version:

  • saving of presets disabled
  • parameter automatisation disabled

Buy SimpleGate for Euro 15,-

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